Welcome to East Capital Investments Pte Limited.

East Capital Investments Pte Limited has been leading and shaping the industry for over many years. We were one of the first firms to invest across all parts of the private equity spectrum — funds, secondaries, and direct co-investing. This spirit of innovation and commitment to client excellence continues to drive us.

Investors around the world trust East Capital Investments Pte Limited with their capital because of our longevity in the markets, track record of recognizing attractive new markets in their early stages, and firm commitment to safeguarding client assets. Deep expertise, insights, and relationships are the hallmarks of our firm – distinctions that are matched only by the stability and longevity of our skilled and passionate team.

Alignment with client interests is at the core of the East Capital Investments Pte Limited culture. Our privately held partnership structure ensures that every leader has a profound understanding of the mechanics of private equity investing and the experience of earning the trust of our clients’ capital. As a result, we value a measured approach and are always mindful of the true impact of the work we do in terms of investors across the globe.